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TV Audience Solutions (TVAS) offers services that TV networks and pro-

duction companies use to understand and increase viewer ratings.

The services and products of TVAS answer the following questions:

- what exactly influences the amount of people watching a TV show at a certain time?
- how many TV shows of which kind should a TV network broadcast at what time?
- what are the consequences for the amount of viewers if program content is changed?

To answer these questions TVAS has developed the following methods:

Audience Explanation Method
With the help of so-called 'regression' methods viewer ratings and market shares are declared based on the following factors:
- Kind and topic of a TV show
- What competitors broadcast at the same time
And many more (including variables that can be chosen by the network or production company itself)

Viewers Elasticity Method
Given a share of a TV show category in your broadcasting schedule and given that share in the total market's tv schedule, how strong will viewer ratings alter if more/less programmes of the category are broadcasted by you and/or others?
(The question here is: when are people fed up when - for instance - more and more comedy shows are broadcasted; this is also appliable on TV hosts, etc.)

In the future TVAS will apply the following methods:

Market Share Maximizing Method
Based on the budget of a TV network, it can be analysed which programming schedule (accompanied with the costs per TV show) will attain the highest market share under the condition that the budget is  not transcended.

Advantages of the services of TVAS for TV stations and production companies

Using the above-mentioned TVAS methods will have the following advantages for TV stations, networks and TV production companies:
- Thanks to methods that are currently hardly used in the TV world, TVAS will explain, predict and increase your viewer ratings
- Therefore significant higher commercial incomes
- Your market share will  increase without extra costs thanks to the recommendations TVAS offers on the content, scheduling and changing of programs and program schedules.

What TVAS can do for you

The TVAS products are services with concrete recommendations and clear explanations on what a TV station or TV production company can do to increase its market shares and viewer ratings. All TVAS products can be adapted to your request.

TVAS customers can count on the following:
- Services, adapted to your request
- Fast service, clear explanation and concrete recommendations in intermediate and final reports
- Reliable and flexible service
- Different service possibilities, both explaining/predicting in subscription (daily/weekly) as well as intermediate and final reports.

Within TVAS there is large knowledge on advanced statistical and econometric models which are hardly used at this moment. Besides TVAS has access to excellent software and ICT knowledge as well as advanced knowledge of Dutch and worldwide TV audience.

If you want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact TVAS!


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