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TV Audience Solutions (TVAS) has successfully performced tasks for both production companies, TV stations and public broadcasting societies.

TVAS has presented an optimal broadcast schedule for a complete Dutch TV station.

For an international TV station TVAS has applied its model for the complete evening schedule of this station.

For an international payment channel TVAS has given advise on how to effectively change the broadcast schedule of this channel in the Netherlands.

For several public Dutch broadcasting societies TVAS has given advise on what evening and what tv station a program should be broadcasted best.

For a production company, TVAS has successfully forecasted the viewer ratings of the first shows of a new Dutch TV program. When the program moved to another evening, TVAS has also successfully forecasted the mutation in viewer ratings.








For other broadcasting societies, production companies and tv stations TVAS is able to do the following (and more):

- Forecasting viewer ratings when television programs move from one to another tv station.

- Forecasting viewer ratings when programs move to another evening

- Forecasting viewer ratings of new TV shows and search for better moments to broadcast a TV show (keeping in mind what other tv stations broadcast, the place in the station's broadcasting schedule, and so on)


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