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About TV Audience Solutions

TV Audience Solutions is founded in 2005 and increases viewer ratings and market shares of TV stations and production companies. This is done by using models, a viewers panel and feeling for the market.

The services of TV Audience Solutions (TVAS) are categorized as follows:

1. Explaining viewer ratings and market shares

2. Predicting viewer ratings and market shares

3. Optimizing viewer ratings and market shares

When explaining viewer ratings and market shares TVAS will be looking at different variables (e.g. programme content) that influence the amount of viewers.
When predicting viewer ratings and market shares TVAS will look at the expected changes in viewers when programs are broadcasted at different times or when the content is changed.
When optimizing viewer ratings and market shares we will look at the most optimal combination of all variables so that a TV station knows what to do in order to get the maximum amount of viewers.

The top 3 advantages of TVAS services are the following:

1. Not guess but know why viewer ratings of a TV show are as high as they are
2. Know what actions should be taken in order to increase viewer ratings
3. Know what the expected increase/decrease is in the amount of viewers when programme schedules or content are changed.

Customer service and flexibility are very important at TVAS. Customers may decide for themselves which variables will be analyzed and for which TV shows or schedules research can be performed. Of course, TVAS is willing to give suggestions.

Interested? Don't hesitate to contact TVAS or watch a case study.

TVAS will also offer its services to TV stations and production companies outside the Netherlands!



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